Two-language publication initiative

By Eunsook Hong

Social Publishers Foundation now accepts submissions in German, Portuguese, and Spanish, in addition to English. When the editorial process for a non-English submission is completed, the report will be published in two languages: the Non-English version and the English version.

The initiating non-English reviewers are:
 Elia Fernández-Díaz, University of Cantabria, Cantabria, Spain, Spanish Reviewer
 Katharina Heissenberger, University College of Teacher Education, Styria, Austria, German Reviewer
 Camilo Manchola-Castillo, University of Brasília, Brasil, Portuguese Reviewer

We thank the three non-English reviewers shown above for their willingness to serve on the SPF Review Panel.

SPF will strive to add more non-English reviewers in the coming months. We would very much appreciate recommendations of other people who might be willing to review submissions in German, Portuguese, or Spanish. Further, if any of you have suggestions for other non-English reviewers beyond the initial three languages, please let us know.