FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Project Duration

Q: What is the maximum duration for a research project or a product development?
A: Maximum of 9 months for project completion at the site and then maximum of 3 months for project report. Reporting the project outcome is mandatory. Project contributors were interested in the project and deserve to hear how things turned out. That is, they will want to know what came out of the project and will expect to read the outcome.

Maximum Number of Projects

Q: How many projects can I submit for crowdfunding?
A: Maximum of 2 project applications are allowed within a year. Applicants can apply again in ensuing years.


Campaign duration

Q: What is the maximum campaign duration?
A: 90 days
Q: When does the fundraising campaign end?
A: The fundraising campaign will end when either the project meets the funding goal or the campaign duration date is reached, whichever comes first.


Publish Your Work and Become a Social Publisher

Q: Can I publish my research already conducted without getting funded from this website?
A: Yes, you can complete the form to Become a Social Publisher. Reviewers affiliated with the Foundation will review and provide feedback.
Q: If I were funded through this Foundation's website and became a social publisher by publishing my work, can I publish it on another outlet?
A: Yes, you can do so. The Foundation does not limit how the author of the work published in this website will use their knowledge and products. The author is the 'owner' of the knowledge. More information about copyrights is provided in Creative Commons.


Certification of Approval

Q: If I plan to conduct a research project, do I have to submit Certification of Approval?
A: Yes, you will need to follow the procedure to obtain approval to conduct research from your institution. When you have obtained approval, you simply fill out the Certification of Approval form provided through your project dashboard on this website. Click here to see an example of the Certifcation of Approval form.
Q: Can I apply for crowdfunding for a research project before I obtain approval from my institution for conducting research?
A: Yes, you can apply for crowdfunding before you have obtained approval for research. The Foundation will hold approved applications for 4 weeks if they are submitted without approval. If the Certification notice is not received by the end of 4 weeks, the foundation will drop the application. However, due to the uncertain time required for obtaining approval for a research project, you are advised to begin the process before submitting your funding application to the Foundation.
Q: I plan to apply for crowdfunding for a Product Development Project. Do I need to submit Certification of Approval?
A: No. The Foundation does not require an approval for research, as product development will not involve researching with human subjects.


Contribution amount

Q: How much can I contribute to a crowdfunding project?
A: Maximum contribution amount is $2,000 (USD). Any amount from $10 to $2,000 will be accepted.


Pledge credit card process

Q: How is a pledge processed?
A: If a Website visitor likes a project, the visitor can pledge money to help make the project succeed. If and when the project is successful in reaching its funding goal, all supporters’ credit cards are charged. If the project does not succeed in reaching the goal, the supporters’ credit cards are not charged.