FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Project Duration

Q: What is the maximum duration for a research project or a product development?
A: The SPF practitioner-research project cycle includes a total of 15 months. This includes a maximum of 12 months for conducting a project at a site or in the field and then a maximum of 3 months for completing and submitting the project report. Exceptions can be requested when submitting a project proposal.

Maximum Number of Projects

Q: How many projects can I submit for publication?
A: There is no limit on the number of publication proposals submitted by a practitioner-researcher.


Publish Your Work and Become a Social Publisher

Q: Why should I go through all the trouble of conducting and publishing practitioner research?
A: There are a number of reasons. First, becoming a practitioner-research strengthens the ownership of practices by those who are the practitioners. In other words, it is an empowering experience. In addition, practitioner-research is a way to make changes in practice that can then be examined to see if they achieve the desired results. It keeps implementation and assessment of new approaches and models rooted in the specific contexts in which practitioners work. Practitioner-research also often transforms worksites and improves communication among worksite staff. As practitioner-researchers, staff members are interacting as people focused on providing the highest quality service to their students or service recipients. Lastly, publishing your work as a practitioner-researcher is a way to share your insights, wisdom, and findings with others interested in strengthening their practices. It is one of the most effective forms of professional development that can be found. As a published practitioner-researcher you are contributing to the knowledge base of your field. Practices focused on service, whether for children and youth or adults, are stressful. Practitioner research, which incorporates reflection alongside the regular actions of a practice, helps reduce stress and restore calm.
Q: Can I publish research conducted before I learned about SPF?
A: Yes, you can complete the form to Become a Social Publisher. Reviewers affiliated with the Foundation will review and provide feedback on your submission.
Q: If I become an SPF social publisher by publishing my work, can I publish it on another outlet?
A: Yes, you can do so. The Foundation does not limit how the author of the work published in this website will use their knowledge and products. The author is the 'owner' of the knowledge. More information about copyrights is provided in Creative Commons (BY NC SA).


Support the Foundation process

Q: What do contributions to the Foundation support?
A: Contributions help support the Foundation's programs, such as funding for start-up grants and the Knowledge Ambassador Program, and updates/maintenance of the SPF website.
Q: How is a sponsorship processed?
A: Donors to SPF become partners with the Foundation. The "Donate Today" button found in "Support the Foundation" will lead to the PayPal site established for SPF. As shown in the PayPal site, you can either Donate with PayPal or Donate with a Debit or Credit Card. The Foundation uses PayPal to maintain security in fiscal transactions Official Partners are acknowledged on the Foundation's website and in our publications.

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