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Support the work of the Foundation and become an official Partner of the Social Publishers Foundation. The mission of the Social Publishers Foundation is to strengthen global capacity for mobilizing knowledge produced by practitioners to enhance social progress and individual wellbeing. The specific purpose of the Foundation is to provide support for practitioner-research projects for improved individual and social wellbeing within communities and to disseminate completed projects around the world. The Foundation is committed to establishing a global non-profit, open source network of practitioner-researchers engaged with sustainable and just social and human development in a variety of critical domains involving professional practices and citizen involvement. The domains include education, social work and social services, wellness and healthcare, and community-based participatory initiatives. Contributions help support the Foundation's programs, such as funding for start-up grants and travel-grants and the Knowledge Ambassador Program. Official Partners are acknowledged on our website and in our publications.

Social Publishers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible in USA.

SPF Founding Partners

Kevin Crehan (1941-2022), Nevada, USA;  Lonnie Rowell, California, USA;  Eunsook Hong, Nevada, USA;  Fabiola Bagula, California, USA;  Candace Kaye, New Mexico, USA;  Margaret Riel, California, USA;  Ann Trescott, California, USA;  Ron Breen, California, USA; Kathleen Bergquist, Nevada, USA


SPF Partners

Educational Action Research Journal, Nottingham, UK; Action Research Network of Americas, USA; Andrés Martin, California, USA; Joy Salmon and Tom Kilmer, Nevada, USA; Susie and Tom Miller, Nevada, USA; John Peters, Tennessee, USA; John Ash, California, USA; Frank Cornelissen and Marieke Cornelissen-Van den Bosse, Rotterdam, Netherlands; J. W. Kessels, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Joseph Shosh, Pennsylvania, USA; Elspeth and Charles Whitney, Nevada, USA; Tina Marie Phan, California, USA


Friends of SPF

Adam Peters, London, UK; Allan Feldman, Florida, USA; Aneesha Awrey, California, USA; Carol Clarke, California, USA; Carol Council, California, USA; Clarence and Sharon Johnson, California, USA; David Mayhew, Nevada, USA; Deborah Dobransky and John Sale, New Mexico, USA; Debra Drake, Nevada, USA; Ed DeRoche, California, USA; Ed Levi, Arkansas, USA; Elaine Cofrancesco, California, USA; Elia Fernández-Díaz, Cantabria, Spain; Emily and Nic Maestas, California, USA; Gina DeLapa, California, USA; Gregory Shelby, California, USA; Ian Sandler, Victoria, Canada; Ji-Mei Chang, California, USA; Joseph Levitan, Quebec, Canada; Kaz Stuart, Lancaster, UK; Kevin and Deborah Richardson, Nottingham, UK; Kit-Hung Lee, Kowloon, Hong Kong; Mary McAteer, Lancashire, United Kingdom; Kelly O’Neill, Nevada, USA; Kim Dorroh, California, USA; Lauren Whitfield, California, USA;  Loretta Whitson, California, USA;  Marilyn McKinney, Nevada, USA; Patricia Maguire, Florida, USA; Peggy Hetherington, California, USA; Perla Rivas, California, USA; Phil Taylor, Nottingham, UK; Rolla Lewis, Oregon, USA; Roni Nocon, California, USA; Sara Garcia, California, USA; Sarah Smitter, California, USA; Sharon Moore, California, USA; Shelley Barajas, California, USA; Shelley Boniwell, California, USA; Susan Allain, California, USA; Sylvia Speed, Nevada, USA; Tom Lide, Jamaica; Young-Hee Choi, Oberursel, Germany