SPF launches new submission Portal for Essays

By Eunsook Hong

SPF announces the addition of a new option for publishing with Social Publishers Foundation. Authors may now submit Essays for consideration as SPF publications. This new publishing feature in the SPF Knowledge Base is intended to broaden and deepen the discussion of issues and topics relevant to practitioner research and to the topic of knowledge democracy in general. Although relevant to those interested in practitioner research in varied domains, including education, climate change, and community-based participatory initiatives, the submissions will not be reports of actual research projects but will look critically at issues which impact such research. According to SPF President Lonnie Rowell, “the knowledge production associated with good essays is found in two dimensions. First, good essays demonstrate the use of knowledge produced through research and theory building. In addition, they demonstrate the application of critical-thinking skills to knowledge and its production.” SPF welcomes essay submissions of up to 3,000 words, with accompanying summaries and context statements of up to 300 words each. For further information and replies to questions, please send email to socialpublishersfoundation@gmail.com.