SPF Knowledge Base adds first project from the United Kingdom

By Eunsook Hong

Social Publishers Foundation President Lonnie Rowell announced today that a school-based practitioner research project from England has been added to the foundation’s knowledge base. The project, completed by a primary school teacher in the town of Bawtry, which is in South Yorkshire, England, focused on involving parents and students in re-visioning and re-organizing the school’s approach to homework. SPF Secretary/Treasurer Eunsook Hong notified teacher Claire Dunn that her project had been published and commented that “Folks reading your publication will appreciate the effort put into this whole-school approach to homework involving all three players key stakeholder groups – students, parents, and educators.”

Ms. Dunn has been a teacher at Bawtry Mayflower for 8 years and first became involved with practitioner research at the urging of the school’s head teacher. Although acknowledging that her first project was tied to an expectation that all teachers at the school engage in action research, she saw the impact the project had on the children in her class and on her own sense of professional development and now sees practitioner research as an ongoing component of her classroom practice.

Her project report can be viewed at: https://www.socialpublishersfoundation.org/knowledge-base/engaging-children-and-parents-in-homework/