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In August 2014, the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) and the Social Publishers Foundation (SPF) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding based on their shared interest in supporting practitioner and participatory research. The agreement calls for the two groups to operate as partners in several areas, including sponsorship of ARNA annual conferences, featured presentations at ARNA conferences, the awarding of a Travel Grant by the foundation to a practitioner-researcher whose work has been featured on the SPF website, and the sharing of links on the group’s respective websites.

The ARNA Conference Committee announces THEME for ARNA 2015: Joint Action – Learning with and from one another

Action research is most often a joint enterprise where the research question is shared amongst participant researchers. When we engage in action research, we learn with and from one another. We learn about the experiences, challenges, and contexts of others, and in turn we learn more deeply about ourselves. We are influenced by the research we engage in, and we influence that same research activity because we inquire into things we care about and into problems we want to solve.

The 2015 International Conference of the Action Research Network of the Americas will ask participants to reflect on: the relationships that we build and foster in collaborative and participatory action research: the roles we play in this work together; our relationships with one another; our shared intentions and tensions; as well as the nexus of multi-membership that is inherent in the action research process.

Action research leads to joint learning. And the ARNA 2015 conference provides an international layer to this joint learning as we broaden and deepen our understandings of the transformative power of action research globally. ARNA 2015 will provoke action researchers to consider the many layers of research collaboration and action in a collegial spirit of learning with and from one another. Please join us May 8-10, 2015!

For more information, go to the ARNA website.

Online (Free) Action Research Tutorials

SPF Advisory Board Member Margaret Riel has completed the 9th in a series of twelve Action Research Tutorials. The 9th tutorial addresses the role of reflection in writing about action research. The series is available for free and can be used by individuals, groups, or action research classes. Each 6-13 minute video tutorial includes an overview of the topic, activities, and resources to support the activities. Margaret invites the sharing of other multimedia action research resources that might be featured in future updates of the tutorials. She is a strong advocate for web-based learning tools that support teaching oneself about action research. For more information, contact Margaret at [email protected] or visit Research Tutorials at the Center for Collaborative Action Research.

Action Research in School Counseling

Graduate students at the University of San Diego, working in collaboration with faculty advisor Lonnie Rowell, have established a website for action research in school counseling. The website features action research projects completed by graduate students in school counseling from around North America. A growing list of Affiliate Programs includes, in addition to University of San Diego, Cal State University, East Bay, in Hayward, California; Chaminade University of Honolulu; Chapman University in Orange County, California; and Saint Marys College of California. The site also includes a variety of resources for use in conducting action research in school counseling as well as an Action Research Virtual Laboratory for sharing ideas, discussing new perspectives and conducting experiments in action research. Visit the site for further information.