New sponsorship by Educational Action Research Journal

By Eunsook Hong

Social Publishers Foundation (SPF) is pleased to announce that Educational Action Research: An International Journal (EARJ) has become an SPF sponsor. EARJ Coordinating Editor Dr. Andrew Townsend of the University of Nottingham, England, initiated the sponsorship as a way to show support for the Foundation’s work in promoting practitioner-research. EARJ is a peer-reviewed Journal published five times a year by Taylor & Francis. The Journal is concerned with exploring the dialogue between research and practice and publishes a range of action research and related studies in education and across the professions, with the aim of making their outcomes widely available and exemplifying the variety of possible styles of reporting. EARJ was originated within the Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) in 1992. EARJ has been important in extending and strengthening this international network.

SPF is excited by this new sponsorship. According to the Foundation’s President Dr. Lonnie Rowell, “having EARJ as a sponsor demonstrates the potential for collaboration between a practitioner-research knowledge base and knowledge disseminated by a formal Journal, EARJ. Such collaborations may become the cutting edge of democratizing knowledge production and dissemination as they explore productive and equitable relations among those focused on traditional forms of scholarly productivity and those working in various knowledge domains focused on producing practice-based research evidence.”  News of the SPF-EARJ collaboration also can be found early 2018 in an editorial by Dr. Townsend, EARJ Coordinating Editor.