Board members to lead workshop

By Eunsook Hong

On Saturday, May 9, Board members Rowell, Hong, Martin, Trescott, and Breen will facilitate a workshop on SPF at the upcoming conference of the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) in Toronto, Canada. The workshop will introduce participants to SPF’s crowdfunding and knowledge development platform (publish-your-work) for practitioner research, action research, and participatory research.

Board members will introduce the website and its tools and will guide participants through the application development and crowdfunding preparation process, focusing on preparation and submission of research and development proposals. Participants will learn how to publish already-completed-projects to the website’s knowledgebase that is being established as a comprehensive collection of practitioner research from around the world. We hope that conference participants will come learn about the Foundation and its addition to action research in the 21st Century and will become a part of our growth!

For any of you at the conference, please consider coming by and joining in the workshop.