Social Publishers Foundation is endorsed by a variety of organizations and institutions that recognize the value of practitioner research, participatory research, and action research. The Foundation's endorsements include:

  • Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA)
  • Action Research: Global Conversations,¬†
  • Action Research Podcast,¬†
  • Center for Collaborative Action Research, Los Angeles, California
  • East County Schools Federal Credit Union, El Cajon, California
  • Educational Action Research: An International Journal, United Kingdom
  • FuturEd Consulting, Fort Worth, Texas
  • La Mesa-Spring Valley Educational Foundation, California
  • Mark Arapostathis, Mayor, City of La Mesa, California; Director of Theatre Arts, La Mesa Arts Academy, California
  • San Diego Education Association, San Diego, California
  • San Diego Municipal Employees Association, San Diego, California
  • TENN Teaching and Learning Center Institute for Collaborative Communication, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • The Knowledge Democracy Initiative,
  • The UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education¬†
  • YPAR Hub, University of California, Berkeley, California


If you wish to add your organization or institution's endorsement, please send a message through our Contact page.