What is a knowledge Ambassador

  • The Knowledge Ambassador program is a special feature of the Social Publishers Foundation. This program supports a variety of means by which practitioner-researchers supported by the Foundation can be brought together for intensive sharing of ideas regarding cutting-edge developments in practitioner-research and results of particularly noteworthy practitioner-research projects.
  • A knowledge Ambassador is a practioner-researcher who has completed at least one Foundation-supported practitioner-research project and who has been selected by the Foundation’s Board of Directors to serve globally as an official representative of the Social Publishers Foundation. The service includes travel, at the Foundation’s expense, to diverse regions of the world in which practitioner-research is developing and shows promise for impacting critical social progress domains such as education, healthcare, and social and family support services. Knowledge Ambassadors may serve for 2 years.

How do I become a Knowledge Ambassador?

The first initiative of the Knowledge Ambassador Program is the convening of an invitational symposium on the global status of practitioner-research, which will be convened in San Diego, California in the summer of 2018. The symposium will bring together active practitioner-researchers and leading scholars in practitioner-research, participatory research, and action research from around the world for seminars, critical reflections, and recorded dialogues regarding select research and development projects representing diverse cultural, historical, epistemological, and geo-political contexts. The proceedings of the symposium, including transcribed interviews and video links will be published by the Foundation and disseminated globally.

The first group of Knowledge Ambassadors will be selected from among the practitioner-researchers receiving Foundation support between 2015 and 2017. Nominations and self-nominations will be accepted beginning in January 2018. Invited practitioner-researchers will complete the Travel Grant application to receive travel expenses from the Foundation.

After the first symposium, the Foundation will periodically invite select practitioner-researchers from among Foundation-supported research projects for Knowledge Ambassador activities.