Family Involvement in Residential Group Home Treatment of Youth

By Susie Miller

Family Involvement in Residential Group Home Treatment of Youth
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Project Goal

The project goal is to increase the level of family participation in treatment. Specifically, the purposes include: (1) Determining whether having families agree to participate prior to admission and reinforcing engagement have an impact on the level of family participation and (2) Identifying specific family activities that contribute to a successful transition home.

Project Context

The project will be conducted in a program within the Division of Child and Family Services that includes 5 different treatment homes. The program serves youth who meet the criteria for being severely emotionally disturbed between the ages of 6 and 18. Currently, there are five homes with 5-6 youth in each home. The average length of stay is 6-9 months.

Project Significance

Clients in our program have historically been very successful largely attributed to the program structure, consistent teaching of the target skills, and ongoing feedback. However, their ability to transfer newly acquired skills into their next living situation, whether it be home or a new placement, has been minimal resulting in high recidivism to the program. We intend to capitalize on the current strengths of the program and work to increase successful transition by helping the youth enhance their ability to transfer skills by increasing family participation.

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