Book Club

By Caroline Askew

Book Club
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Project Goal

The goal of this project is to increase student interest in fiction reading and to increase circulation of novels among high school students. Having a weekly club will allow me to monitor students for what they are interested in and adjust my spending accordingly.

Project Context

This project will be conducted after school in the library of a K-12 school. Student engagement in reading will more likely be successful if certain incentives are provided to begin with. This project will start with a librarian’s effort to provide students with opportunities to become more interested in reading, with hopes that students become intrinsically motivated to read for enjoyment and for learning.

Project Significance

This project will help foster a life-long love of reading among students and encourage students to read high quality fiction. In addition, it will help better utilize library funds to purchase books that students will read. Increasing opportunities for student to read interesting books will help them not only appreciate literature but also increase their achievement levels.

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